Iberian and Latin American Association


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We are one of the partners of the BAME Cultural & Digital Hub, The Grand Theatre Arts Wing, Swansea, SA1 3QJ, where most of our activities are based. You can check our activities, projects and events on our website:
You will also find details of how to join, if you share our Mission and want to share and/or learn about our languages and cultures.
The Mission of the Association shall be to:
• To meet informally to develop friendships and provide each other with mutual support, including showing solidarity and opening opportunities for our asylum-seeking members
• To meet periodically as a group and share cultural activities
• To provide the opportunity to practise Spanish and Portuguese in both formal meetings and informal gatherings (e.g., classes or conversation clubs)
• To organise and host cultural events, for example:
o A Music workshop with a professional group from Spain, Portugal or Latin America
o A Salsa party with a Latin American Band
o A Tango/Flamenco Workshop with professional dancers
o A Poetry Recital with a Spanish/Portuguese/Latin American Poet working in the UK
o An Iberian & Latin American Film/Dance Festival
o Editoriales Cartoneras (Cardboard Publishers) Workshops
• To liaise with other Iberian (Spanish/Portuguese) & Latin American cultural Events in the area:
o Swansea University’s Centre for the Comparative Studies of Portugal, Spain and the Americas (CEPSAM) activities
o Iberian & Latin American Films in Swansea University's Taliesin and The Dylan Thomas Centre & Theatre
o Salsa Classes at Walkabout, Wind St, Swansea (Tuesdays)
o Cardiff International Film Festival with Latin American filmmakers working in the UK
o El Sueño Existe Latin American Festival in Machynlleth (July or August)
o ILAMS: Iberian and Latin American Music Society
The Vision of the Association shall be:
ILA will endeavour to make a positive contribution by engaging with other ethnic minorities to enrich the cultural life of Wales. We shall also engage with Spanish/Portuguese/Latin American social and cultural projects to introduce them to our area and further develop possibilities by involving the local community at all levels and by co-producing projects together.