Friends of Monze

We work with partners in the Monze District of Zambia to help poor vulnerable and orphaned children.
To improve educational standards for 10,000 children, we built 17 schools and equipping them with reading books, curriculum books, desks, laptops, sports equipment. We built 11 houses so children can be taught by qualified teachers.
To prevent disease we drilled 16 bore holes and repaired 9 bore holes providing clean drinking water. We teach hand washing and soap making to prevent the spread of diseases.
To keep girls in school we provide menstrual hygiene materials and human rights training to prevent early forced marriage.
To improve nutrition we established 15 school gardens growing food for the children. We provide training enabling the communities to grow drought resistant food crops in a sustainable manner using natural fertiliser and water harvesting; essential at a time of climate change.
Please contact us for more information, a presentations about our work or to buy Zambian crafts..

Friends of Monze Diweddarwyd!

11 Clos Castell Newydd, , Bridgend, CF31 5DR
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Friends of Monze charity works in the Monze district of Zambia. To improve education we built and equiped 17 schools. To improve health we provide borehole water and teach hygiene. we establish food growing permaculture garde...